About Us

It is focused on promoting organic inputs for agriculture. A wide range of Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizers , Bio Stimulants and Agri inputs are manufactured by Jyothiraditya Bio solution . We have 108 products approved for use in Organic agriculture

JBS is an AgroBioTechnology Company providing innovative solutions to the agriculturists. JBS Ltd operates on GMP guidelines producing products by both solid state and submerged state fermentation, that are of superior quality and easily affordable to the common man. Established in the Year 2005, JBS brings with it a vast experience in the form of Dr.Srinivas Raghavan, the founder Director, along with a team of 10 emminent research scientists who have been of immense assistance and pooled their extensive knowledge base to help the R & D team and strived in developing all the products at JBS.

  • #195, Ahobila Mutt Building,
  • Ramavilasa Road,
  • K. R. Mohalla,
  • Mysore – 570 024
  • +91-94480 11535